Oldest Sasquatch Drawing

The drawing shown here, which is dated 1897, is the oldest witness drawing I have found. The information in the upper right corner states that the creature was fourteen hands above. This equates to about 4 feet 8 inches - certainly not a very tall creature, but perhaps it was very young. The term "Matah Kagmi" shown is the name given to the creature in California where the witness lived and saw the creature. Remarkably, in Tibet the name given to what we call the yeti is Meto Kangmi, very similar to the California name, and perhaps indicates a connection between the two creatures.

The story connected with the sighting is very intriguing. The witness treated the creature with kindness and was duly rewarded in a desperate hour of need some years later. I call the story Sasquatch Return a Favor. It will be featured in The Sasquatch Chronicle.

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