Underground Information

The distinguished gentleman seen here is Dr. Nicolaes Tulp (1593-1674), one of the founders of contemporary medicine. He was so famous Rembrandt shows him in a painting.

Sometime in the 1600s, Dr. Tulp examined a creature that had been caught in the mountains of Ireland. From the creature's anatomical peculiarities Tulp observed and noted, we are led to conclude that the creature was a living troglodyte (primitive cave dweller, or subterranean creature). (From John Green, Sasquatch, The Apes Among Us [Hancock House, 1981] p. 139).

The concept that sasquatch might be a kind of troglodyte has been considered, although evidence that the creature might live in caves is scant. Nevertheless, some scientists are of the opinion that there are great cavities in the rocks deep inside the earth. Professor Frank D. Adams of Montreal has shown by actual experiment that empty cavities might exist in granite at a depth of at least 11 miles.

Theories and claims that a race of people live inside the earth go back hundreds of years. One account even states that the beings in this underground world are 12 feet tall. One has only to netsearch Hollow Earth to see just how much information and conjecture exists on this subject.

Remarkably, the Hollow Earth advocates have something in common with some Bigfoot and UFO advocates. They also think that the Government is hiding information. I really don't think so, and agree with a statement recently made by a UFO skeptic that our governments are not smart enough to keep such information secret.

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