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The full history of Roger Patterson's book, Do Abominable Snowman of America Really Exist? as far as I can determine, is as follows:

Patterson had the book printed in 1966, and showed it to Glen Koelling. This was the ORIGINAL book (REPRESENTED BY THE FIRST IMAGE). I do not know who published this book, other than, "He had gone to a printer there in the area [Yakima] and had them print it," (Koelling quote, page 197, Long's book). I have not seen this edition, and if anyone has it, please contact me.

Koelling had the book printed at Franklin Press (SECOND IMAGE) and then bought the book copyright for $500 that same year. (Note: Long shows a copyright price of $3,500. This is wrong. A copy of the actual sales agreement is shown below. The book shows “First Edition,” but is actually the second edition. The copyright is shown as Trailblazer Research Inc., of which Koelling was the president.

Patterson then made a few minor changes (cover, title page, new photo of himself), and had the book reprinted as the Second Edition, probably early 1967 (THIRD IMAGE). He shows himself as the copyright holder, and the publisher as Northwest Research Association (a company he formed in or about 1966). I do not know the circumstances here with regard to Koelling.

René Dahinden purchased the copyright from Koelling in 1979 for $500. I republished the book under Pyramid Publications (my company) with Dahinden’s permission in 1996 (FORTH IMAGE). I included Koelling as a copyright holder (1966) at Dahinden’s direction.

In 2004, I added an update supplement to the work, and it was republished by Hancock House Publishers in 2005 under the title, The Bigfoot Film Controversy.

We can reason that Patterson compiled the book to draw attention to the bigfoot phenomenon and make money. Did he compile his book as a prelude to a major hoax? It is indeed coincidental that the book was published in 1966 and the epic bigfoot encounter took place the following year. A connection is possible, but really far too obvious. We also have to wonder if reprinting the book was wise if he knew he was gong to "film a bigfoot" later that year.

On the far right is the cover of another work Patterson published in 1968. It is a booklet containing 68 pages. It is primarily comprised of material from his first book, to which he has added some new material (newspaper and magazine articles) related to the film, plus a QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT BIGFOOT section.

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