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In this presentation, I provide my best guess as to the situation at the Patterson/Gimlin film site. Virtually nothing remains save a small clearing. I could not find anything to provide a reference point for what is seen in the film frames when I visited the site in September 2003. Nevertheless, this is what I think is the situation. I have provided a diagram photo last to be used in conjunction with my site (2003) photos.

This image shows the film site as it appeared on October 20, 1967, facing NORTH. The image is frame 353. Patterson was standing about center at the lower edge of the photo. He was about 36 feet from the log you see in the foreground.

Aerial view of the site taken in 1971. FACING NORTH - EAST (a little)


A parking/drop off area (facing EAST) now provided SOUTH of the site and Bluff Creek. In other words, the creek must be crossed to get to the site.


I am seen here standing at the back of the small clearing which is now all that is left of the film site. I do not believe this area can be seen in frame 353 (first photo). I believe it is the area at the upper left of the 1971 photo (second photo). I am facing SOUTH. The photo was taken facing NORTH.


Off to my left (WEST) a short distance in the previous photo, there is a large gorge with a drop of 5 to 6 feet or so. The creek evidently overflowed and took out most of the site, leaving the gorge. I took this photo standing in the gorge, facing EAST. You can see the clearing in the background.


I am seen here in the gorge, facing EAST. The photo was taken facing WEST.


This photo was taken in the gorge facing WEST towards the film site. You can see that the gorge is very large.


I have now traveled WEST almost to the end of the gorge. The photo was taken facing WEST. You can see a mountainside in the background. Bluff Creek is at the base of the mountains and runs directly from the NORTH. This is where it starts its turn and then heads EAST. It was this "corner" that I believe caused the flooding of the film site.


DIAGRAM PHOTO: This illustration shows you the relative positions for points shown in the above photos. The reference number information is as follows:

1. Roger Patterson's position (First photo)

2. The creatures position/path (First photo)

3. The parking/drop off area, but much further back - south/east, 100 feet or so. One must go through a bush to get to the creek. (Third photo)

4. Area where I am standing (Fourth photo)

5. The beginning of the gorge (Fifth photo)

6. In the gorge looking EAST (Sixth photo)

7. In the gorge looking WEST (Seventh photo)

8. Further into the gorge, looking EAST (Eighth photo)

THINKING ABOUT BLUFF CREEK: In the aerial view of the site, Bluff Creek is seen as no more than a babbling brook. Indeed, that is what it was when I visited the site. It was no more than 15 feet or so across (narrower in some places), and very shallow. Nevertheless, it collects the runoff from countless mountains, and can become a raging torrent within a very short time (Patterson and Gimlin experienced this). It is very hard to imagine how the little creek can do so when you are standing by it on a warm autumn day. If I were to guess, this is perhaps how the creek got its name.

At some point after 1971, the creek had "one of those days." When it reached a certain point in its "rage," it had a choice at the film site - go up a mountain or take out the site. It naturally chose the latter.

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Great pics Chris!

Something out there is making those damn footprints!

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