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-- S A S Q U A T C H --- B I G F O O T --- Y E T I ----


I would very much like to encourage any individual with a bit a time to supervise their own Forum on this site on any CRYPTO related topic. We will provide free of charge the WEB space, the Forum programs and the Free emails. You have to supply the time to prepare articles and / or supervise any queries or articles submitted. The topics can be very specific or general. You pick it.

Do you wish to just focus on:
--- A specific sighting?>
--- The conservation issues?>
--- To Hunt or Not to Hunt?>
--- The Australian, African or Eurasian Cousisns? >
--- Other Cryptozoology species?>
--- A Calendar of Cryptozoology Conferences & Meetings.>

You name it, we will provide the Site and training (which is simple).

Contact: >
David Hancock > Publisher,

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You may not have a choice soon - Nikon all but giving up on 35mm

ArchiveAn article on Nikon's web site says that they (Nikon) are stopping production of most of their 35mm film and larger format cameras. Only the F6 will be available (in Europe and North America) and the F10 mechanical in the rest of the world along with a small number of manual lenses. The assumption is that only their newer lenses that are compatible with the likes of the Nikon D70(s) and D50 and D100 etc. will be available. The ones I lust after :)

Note that while I was doing a bit of research for this article, I came across the fact that they have a recall for the battery that I use in my D70 - the EN-EL3. See the note at the Nikon USA web site I phoned the Canadian support number and find that I can exchange it at their Richmond BC location rather than sending it in via snail-mail.

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Superb Bald Eagle shots -- But who took them?


The attached excellent bald eagle nesting photos have kindly been sent to me by 9 different people but nobody knows where they came from. They just received them from a friend but each person not knowing who the photographer was.

Do you know who took them? The trees look like one of the southern pines so perhaps they were taken in Florida. I would love to use them or other related shots but do not know from whom to get permission.

Please email me: David Hancock

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Free Illustrated Talk on Bald Eagles


Offer of Free* Illustrated Talk: ---- The Bald Eagle: A Retrospective - A Future

David Hancock, biologist and publisher, is pleased to address your group with a well illustrated slide lecture on the west coast bald eagles – their conservation and biology.

This brings together his ‘earlier life’ researching on eagles on the west coast via foot, aricraft and boat, his recent travels covering his current eagle studies along the Washington, British Columbia and Alaskan coasts.

David covers;

---- bald eagle biology – he dispels a number of eagle myths.

---- the recent invasion of eagles into SW B. C. & NW Washington State.

---- the Urban eagles that are now nesting on made-made structures.

---- the best viewing areas in the NW and the various Bald Eagle Festivals

---- he reviews the habitat requirements should you want to encourage more eagles – even to making artificial nests.

You specify the focus of your interest and I will focus the info.

For illustrated lecture contact:

David Hancock

Hancock Wildlife Research Center

19313 Zero Avenue,
Surrey BC Canada V3S 9R9


1431 Harrison Avenue
Blaine WA USA 98230

604 538-1114 Fax 604 538-2262

* I happily accept an honorarium to cover the travel!


Photo of David Hancock on the Chilkat River AK by Glen Browning

The above book gives you a succinct summary of the biology of the Bald Eagle. If is fully illustrated in color and we give discounts on classroom sets.

For more details on David Hancock biography:

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How long will my photos last on a CD or DVD?

ArchiveI have written elsewhere about "bit rot", or the disasterous degredation of recorded digital media, either through actual deterioration of the medium, or through obsolesence of the technology.

In this article I'm concentrating on the most typical storage medium for digital photos today, the CD/DVD.

We all use CDs - either by getting them produced from our film at the processing lab, or because we just don't have enough hard disk (or reliable enough computers) that we feel confident of keeping our precious photos safe "online".

When CD-Rs were first proposed as a consumer digital storage medium some seventeen years ago in 1988, they rode on the coattails of the original "pressed" CDs introduced a few years earlier as a distribution medium. The pressed CD is touted as having a longevity measured in centuries. The problem is, many CD-Rs we can purchase at the local computer supply store will last only from as little as a year to the typical 5-10 years; far shorter a period than most people expect. DVD-Rs (DVD-R and DVD+R) suffer from similar problems, so for now I'll lump them all in together - the only point of difference being that if you lose a DVD to age you can lose a lot more photos.

Updated: - reference to article from storage expert "...short life span for burned CDs"

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