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One thing I am continually plagued with is to provide "the other side of the story" on the sasquatch. If you have read reviews of Meet the Sasquatch , you will see that some highly uninformed people are of the opinion that there is, in fact, another side. What they are referring to is some kind of reports by anthropologists or other professionals that dispute the Patterson/Gimlin film and/or other evidence collected. THE ONLY PROFESSIONAL WHO STUDIED THE FILM AND CAME UP WITH A "QUALIFIED " NEGATIVE REPORT WAS DR. DONALD GRIEVE, and his full report is included in Meet the Sasquatch . As for other evidence, all of the professionals who have properly studied it have provided positive reports.

I do not consider Dr. David Daegling a serious scientist. He never analyzed the film or looked at the casts and so forth like Dr. Krantz, Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Fahrenbach. Daegling just wrote what came into his head and challenged the findings of others. I doubt that he has seen first hand any of the evidence. He is an armchair anthropologist.

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Between Two Worlds

The contention (fact to some people) that the sasquatch is a "dimension traveller" continues to gain momentum. What some people believe (or know) is that the creature is far more advanced than we are, and can move in and out of our physical world at will. I know little about other dimensions, other than to say I believe it can be mathematically proven that they exist.

The single factor in favor of dimension traveling is that it explains why we can never physically capture a sasquatch, despite immediate searches involving many people after a sighting. It also explains the "footprints that lead nowhere" phenomenon. I am told Rene Dahinden walked away from one of these cases. He simply followed the prints until they stopped, and when he asked the lady who found the prints (a native American) what was going on, she said "ET." Rene said absolutely nothing - just walked back to his truck.

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King Kong is Back

I see King Kong is back in the news again with a new movie to be released this month. I am sure that this time the "great ape" will be so convincing, it would be impossible to prove it was fabricated without highly sophisticated analysis. This is very good news for movie-goers, but bad news for bigfooters. As time goes on and technology edges in on the world of reality, the less believable photographs and videos become. Had Roger Patterson taken a video of the Bluff Creek creature in this day and age, we would all be much more skeptical.

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Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister, has come out swinging for UFO's. An excerpt from a recent newspaper article is shown below. Now, while I am informed by ex-serviceman, Thomas Steenburg, that Hellyer was totally "out to lunch," (but what politician isn't), I must admit that I would be elated if a former minister of national resources would say the same about the sasquatch. Whichever way you slice it, Hellyer's support is a big "plus" for the UFOers.

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Union Shop?

It appears to me that scientists might have some unwritten "union shop" rules. Seen here is zoologist Nikolai Baikov who went to Manchuria in 1914 to study the Manchurian tiger. He reported that during his travels, he met a Manchurian hunter who had with him as a helper a “half man,” who was hairy, stooped and unable to talk. Baikov expressed his amazement at seeing such a creature, but did not study him in any depth. True, the noted scientists was after tigers, not hominids, but at least he could have taken a photograph for the guys up one floor back a the shop. (NOTE: One of the numerous stories that will be featured in The Sasquatch Chronicle.)

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