Man Who Filmed Nessie, The - Full Synopsis
The chance reading of a magazine article led family man and aeronautical engineer Tim Dinsdale on a lifelong quest to prove the existence of an elusive creature said to live in the murky waters of Loch Ness in Scotland. He planned his first visit to the loch in spring 1960 and struck monster gold when he unexpectedly caught on film a large, animate creature swimming in the loch. From that moment, his life and that of his family was changed forever. The BBC broadcast his film and he quickly became known around the world. He ultimately gave up his promising career so he could devote his time and energy to pursuing the creature. He took up a career as an author, publishing several books, and was in demand as a lecturer; he toured the US on two occasions, appearing on several well-known television programs.

Over twenty-seven years he made fifty-seven expeditions to the loch, during which time he met a cast of colourful and interesting people, among them many serious scientists. His work with them yielded some very interesting results, culminating in the formation of a scientific symposium at the House of Commons in London, its purpose to gain acceptance of Nessie as a living entity and therefore be given a level of protection. Ultimately, this effort failed, much to Tim's disappointment.

Tim's dedication to unravelling the Loch Ness riddle is captivating, his reasoning for finding the truth for truth's sake compelling. His life ended before he was able to solve the mystery that held him in its thrall, but his film continues to intrigue monster seekers and researchers around the world.
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