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Dr. Don Nixdorf has been among Canada's most prominent health professionals for more than a generation, a member of national and provincial agencies and a participant in numerous studies and Commissions. The Executive-Director of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association since 1985, he is also a veteran of countless encounters in all forms of media on behalf of his profession, including his own open-line radio health program. His work on behalf of the chiropractic profession keeps him in frequent contact with health ministers, other professionals, media, insurance companies and community organizations. (www.bcchiro.com)

Gary Bannerman is a veteran journalist, publisher, public affairs broadcaster and the author of several books. He has served on the board of directors of corporations of various sizes, and as a communications consultant to CEOs and senior management of many companies. He has been published in scores of magazines and newspapers and, for 16 years, he hosted Western Canada's most successful news talk radio show. His work has been honored with numerous prestigious awards. (www.bannerline.net)


Canadian Kerry Waghorn is one of the most accomplished caricaturists in the world. His Faces in the News feature is a 28-year journalistic legend. Represented by Universal Press Syndicate, among the journals that regularly publish his work are the Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Miami Weekly News, Boston Globe, Montreal Gazette and Ottawa Citizen.

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