Understanding the Bird of Prey
Understanding the Bird of Prey
Understanding the Bird of Prey
Understanding the Bird of Prey
Understanding the Bird of Prey
Understanding the Bird of Prey
Understanding the Bird of Prey

Understanding the Bird of Prey


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By: Fox, Dr. Nicholas
ISBN-13: 9780888397324 [Softcover Reprint]
ISBN-13: 9780888393173 [Hardcover Reprint]
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 11.5" X 8.5"
Pages: 368
Photos: 179
Illustrations: 265
Original Publication Date: 1995
Reprint Publication Date: 2014 SC / 2018 HC


PR Highlights: A Complete Guide to Raptors and Falconry.
PHOTO Highlights: 40 page color section (146 c) & 119 b/w throughout.

Description: Complete with 40 Page Full Color Section containing 146 Color Photos. Also accompanied by 119 B/W photos and over 265 line drawings, charts & graphs throughout. Soft Cover.

One of our best selling books on raptors!

Table of Contents

Sample Chapter

UNDERSTANDING THE BIRD OF PREY is one the most comprehensive gathering of data on birds of prey ever assembled. The text is masterfully written in language that is easy to follow by Nick Fox, a leading professional raptor biologist, breeder and falconer. The text covers the biology of birds of prey, their capture management, breeding, training and rehabilitation. All sections have been critically reviewed by top international specialists for scientific accuracy. Over 290 technical drawings and 150 color photos aid the reader in the pursuit of understanding birds of prey.

Author Biography

Nick Fox was born and raised a country boy. Educated in England, Scotland and New Zealand, he has been a professional raptor biologist since 1974, publishing widely on Australasian Harriers, New Zealand Falcons, Northern Goshawks and Mauritius Kestrels. A falconer all his life, he has regularly flown fifteen raptor species at quarry and bred nine of them, including a world first, the New Zealand falcon. He hacks and trains about twenty large falcons a year, flying them at crows from horses in the old classical way, a severe practical test of scientific theory. A founder, twenty years ago, of the Raptor Association of New Zealand, and more recently of the Middle East Falcon Research Group, Dr. Fox has long been concerned with pulling together raptor enthusiasts from all disciplines and persuasions. As a consultant to the British Hawk Board for many years, he is acutely aware of the problems faced by birds of prey and of the divergent human attitudes toward them. Dr. Fox is Director of Falcon Management and Research at the National Avian Research Center of its breeding facility in the UK, and for research programs in the UK, the Middle East, and Kazakhstan.

Book Reviews

Caitlin Morrow from Amazon

Recommended for Raptor lovers. I've done my best to read quite a few books in the subject of raptors, both in the wild, in falconry, and in other captive situations. I like Nick Fox's book because it covers a broad range of subjects in easy-to-understand detail, is well-organized, and has plenty of attractive picture--which aren't essential but are, in my opinion, enjoyable. I recommend Understanding The Bird of Prey above any of the other hawk books available on Amazon for those particularly interested in falconry, and captive raptor management (including behavior).

JDM from Amazon

Quintessential work. Of the 18-20 or so falconry books I have read to date, this is by far the most comprehensive, informative and useful. From basic anatomy and physiology to training and flying/hunting birds of prey, it covers it all in wonderful detail. Dr Fox's many years of experience with so many different species and in so many different places and cultures lends him a unique perspective and incredible insight into the sport and the birds we use. If you wish to understand birds of prey and how they should be trained and handled for falconry, you really should own this book.


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