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Murphy's Sasquatch/Bigfoot Exhibit

Murphy’s Sasquatch/Bigfoot Exhibit is offered free of charge to Public (government) Museums. The only condition is that the museum pays the transportation cost and insurance to obtain the exhibit and return it to a designated location. Museums may charge admission with all funds collected given to the museum’s administration fund. 


This exhibit was created from a collection of artifacts and other material over many years. The first exhibit was held at the Museum of Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2004/5. This museum had two applicable artifacts in storage and...

50th Anniversary of the Patterson / Gimlin Film

50th Anniversary of the Patterson / Gimlin Film

Hancock House is pleased to promote the 50th Anniversary of the Patterson/Gimlin Film which brought the world of cryptozoology to the worlds attention.

In celebration of the anniversary we are offering special discounts on our bigfoot/sasquatch books. Please subscribe to our newsletter to obtain your promotional code.