Trade & Libraries

Hancock House offers discounts for our trade customers such as bookstores, libraries, museums, educational institutions and other qualified businesses.

We are pleased to work with such customers and can offer the following policies regarding trade discounts:

Trade Policy

1- 4 Books        20%      
5-49 Books       40% 
50-99 Books     41%
100-249 Books 42%
250-499 Books 43%
500 or More      44%

Add $15 for shipping and handling to each order under $250.00 retail (Effective March 1, 2014). Shipping is free for orders over $250.00 retail (Effective March 1, 2014)
Minimum trade order is $25 retail.

In order to expedite the order and discounts on orders, we can provide customers with a unique discount code to be used during the checkout process.

Please contact us to obtain this discount code.

For customers with existing retailer agreements, we are pleased to work with the following companies: