About us

Hancock House Publishers

Hancock House started publishing under the name imprint of the Hancock Wildlife Conservation Center in the late 1960's, with Hancock House Publishers starting around 1971 and incorporated in 1975.

Since that time we have largely focused on northwest coast regional publishing. Also during the early 1980's we operated a wholesale and remainder book division that focused on the sale of all western titles, and had the valuable experience of starting three bookstores. After about five years of these related activities, each of which was initiated to further the sales of our published titles, we refocused exclusively on the publishing program.

David Hancock started the publishing venture by building on the distribution system first initiated to sell his own authored books that accompanied his documentary film production. In the earlier days we operated from warehouses in Alberta, Ontario, Connecticut and Seattle as well as in the Victoria area. Later, with improved courier systems we consolidated our distribution for Canada from Surrey, BC, and for the US from Blaine, WA. By 1997, we had developed a meaningful web presence to support the international direct mail marketing of an expansion into major natural history books. As of 2016, we are re-strategizing and focusing our efforts on maximizing the various technological tools available to capture the reader and to create and distribute content in a manner that benefits both authors, customers and the environment. The commitment of a percentage of revenues to the Hancock Wildlife Foundation to further foster and engage conservation education is part of our long-term plans on leaving a positive impact both locally, regionally and abroad.

Publishing Specialization

From the beginning Hancock House focus has been on non-fiction regional titles, emphasizing western and northern history and biographies, native art and culture, natural history, wildlife, cryptozoology and folklore. In 2008 Hancock House launched its first e-books. We have also developed an international presence with major wildlife conservation and falconry titles.

In-house Operations

Hancock House Publishers manages all its own pre-press production, including editing, layout, typesetting and design, as well as undertaking it's own marketing and promotions, sales and distribution. Along with its busy Internet and direct mail sales efforts, Hancock House titles are available through a wide distribution of trade accounts and rack accounts along the Pacific coast and into BC, Alberta, and Alaska.


Hancock House acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program (BPIDP) for its publishing activities.


To help produce and disseminate information pertaining to wildlife, natural history and western culture and history of the Pacific Northwest to a greater audience.


Educating the next generation is one of the only ways we will be able to make significant headway in preserving the environment and protecting species.
— David Hancock