Book Racks

  • Consignment racks are available to small businesses looking to increase both sales revenues and product offerings to customers. 
  • We provide a customer friendly spinning rack, at no cost to business owners, that contains approximately $2,500 worth of best selling and local titles tailored to each specific business location.
  • For more details and information on consignment racks, please contact us at or 604-538-1114.


40% Dealers Discount
No Incoming Shipping Costs
Free Use of Attractive, Space Saving Spinner Rack
Free Use of Book Inventory

  • Use your own inventory control system to determine your monthly sales, amounts owing, and replacement titles. Payment is based on actual sales.
  • Some titles can be placed in appropriate subject areas of your store.

Guaranteed to be your BEST return on square footage with NO investment.

Consignment Guidelines

Hancock House Publishers provides you with a spinner rack and a minimum of $1500.00 net stock.

Our experience with these racks is that your location should do well enough that you'll be calling us for more books even before our route sales person returns to re-stock; well enough that you'll be turning over in excess of $100 worth of books at your cost every month.

If you simply pay for replacement books as you need them or once our sales person does the inventory check (done at 3-6 month intervals) you'll receive a 35% discount from the retail sales price of the books.

You can earn a 40% or better discount by providing us with postdated cheques or a valid credit card, paying us a minimum of $100/month (post dated cheques in 6 month sets.)

These amounts are deducted from your monthly statements. The next six postdated payments must be sent before the last postdated payment is due. You receive the 35% or 40% discount on all sales for leasing the floor space in your store. Book selections for sale are the responsibility of Hancock House Publishers. The consignment is for one trial year after you receive our stock.

Thereafter, the arrangement may continue indefinitely, unless Hancock House Publishers and yourselves mutually agree to discontinue the contract before the trial year is completed.

There are no shipping and handling charges when you re-order $100.00 or more retail product.

NOTE: Postdated payments start one calendar month after stock has been received. If the account is closed, stock must be returned and due amount paid to Hancock House. In the event of a credit balance, cash will be refunded.

Payments must be made to Hancock House's representative when stock is taken. If postdated cheques and payment for stock sold are not received, your account will revert to our usual 35% discount. The spinner rack and unsold stock will be returned and full payment of the remaining balance due is required. You will then continue on the Hancock House Publishers normal trade policy, once your existing account has been paid in full.

The above is advantageous for both parties.

We receive increased exposure for our books. You receive:

  • Free shipping, handling and delivery
  • A higher discount rate and an increase in stock
  • A wide selection of books, paying only for those sold
  • Front list books, hot off the press

Spinner racks and book stock are the sole property of Hancock House. We replace damaged books, you pay for books misappropriated by your customers.