Alaska in the Wake of the North Star
Alaska in the Wake of the North Star

Alaska in the Wake of the North Star


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By: Shuler, Loel
ISBN: 9780888395870
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 224
Photos: 56
Illustrations: 26
Publication Date: 2005

PHOTO Highlights: 56 photos and 25 illustrations

Description: Alaska In the Wake of the North Star gives a fascinating and compelling account of that moment in time when dramatic and powerful changes were just beginning to bubble in the far north.

During a three-month journey of 11,000 miles between Sitka and Point Barrow on the USMS North Star, Loel Shuler had the privilege of an intimate look at the ways of life and the unique peoples of Alaska as they were in 1950. In these pages she shares her story and photographs of people and places that today have all but disappeared so that none of us has to forget.

Author Biography:

Loel B. Shuler contributed generously in Southeast Alaska from 1949-61: she hosted radio programs, wrote and directed Alaska Day pageants, inaugurated the Sitka Drama Society while mothering two children. Having graduated from Olivet College, MI, she pursued a vigorous career in sales and publishing before going north as wife/curious explorer to Mt. Edgecumbe, Sitka and Juneau AK. Today she continues to write as well as teach and organize theater with children and adults in the Monterey area of California.