Australian Parakeets
Australian Parakeets

Australian Parakeets

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By: Kremer, Herman
ISBN: 90-73217-03-2
Binding: Trade Cloth
Size: 1" X 7"
Pages: 232
Photos: 60
Illustrations: 0
Publication Date: 1992

PR Highlights: Australian parakeets and their mutations.
PHOTO Highlights: Color photography, maps & graphs throughout.

Description: Since the sixties the interest in Australian Parakeets has increased enormously. Although initially many aviculturists could not afford to buy most species, they can now be found anywhere. All these colorful birds in our aviaries make for a rewarding hobby. In this book the Australian Parakeets are conveniently classified according to genus, species and subspecies, and in extensive description of the various characteristics, places of origin and way of life is given. The author also pays careful attention to the various aspects of feeding, feeding and breeding the birds and furthermore describes the recently occurring mutations. The brilliant colour photographs of all (sub)species made by Cees Scholtz are an essential addition to the text. All this detail has led to a particularly instructive and interesting book, in which the author describes all (sub)species in a most lucid and knowledgeable manner.