Badminton Handbook
Badminton Handbook
Badminton Handbook
Badminton Handbook
Badminton Handbook

Badminton Handbook


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By: Stevenson, Sandra
ISBN: 0-88839-041-6/9780888390417
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 11" X 8.5"
Pages: 40
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PR Highlights: How to play Badminton
PHOTO Highlights: Line drawings throughout.

Description: One of the primary aims of the Badminton program should be to encourage players to continue the sport after the school program either in a community recreation program or through a badminton club. Badminton is an excellent lifelong recreational activity which can improve physical fitness and is also an enjoyable activity.
This series provides concise, basic information on a variety of Physical Education activities. The Handbooks re aimed at assisting both beginning and experienced educators in planning, teaching and evaluating their programs. Skills are clearly identified and ordered according to levels of difficulty. Each Handbook details skills, drills and teaching techniques. Instructors will particularly appreciate the sample lesson plans and suggested methods of evaluation.

Author Biography:

Sandra Stevenson received her Bachelor of education degree with a major in Physical Education from the University British Columbia. Raked as one of the top ten players in Canada from 1968 - 1978, she represented Canada at the All-England Championships in 1974 and 1975. She is presently coach of the Vancouver City College (Langara) Badminton Team.