Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and Washington
Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and Washington

Bald Eagle of Alaska, BC and Washington


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By: Hancock, David
ISBN: 0-88839-536-1
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 96
Photos: 123
Illustrations: 3
Publication Date: 2007

PR Highlights: A look at a magnificent bird and its comeback
PHOTO Highlights: Over 100 photos from outstanding photographers

Description: Noted biologist David Hancock shares over 50 years of experience observing the bald eagle of the Pacific Northwest -- chronicling their rise back from the edge of extinction and illustrating the book with over a hundred wonderful photos. David Hancock has been fascinated by the magnificent bald eagle for over 50 years. This title conveys the enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and respect for nature that could only come from a writer who has dedicated his life to wildlife biology and conservation. Personal anecdotes - such as the author's often humorous adventures as a young graduate student traveling the west coast to study eagles - enliven the narrative. Chapters on the biology of the bald eagle and a summary of how they bounced back from the edge of extinction in the continental US share David Hancock's extensive understanding and appreciation of this majestic bird. As well, there is a look at some of the best eagle viewing areas and festivals on the northwest coast with recommendations and observations from the author.

Author Biography:

I am a graduate biologist in wildlife management and ornithology. I have almost continuously maintained a collection of animals for research, writing and photography since the age of 12. I have reared many deer, cougars, bears, seals etc and thousands of birds including some of the rarest species kept in captivity. I was the first person to establish a captive breeding facility for the endangered peregrine falcon and many of the techniques so developed inspired the massive captive breeding program for this species that has resulted in the birds wild reestablishment across North America. I provided some of the early breeding stock for the Cornell Project. I bred bald eagles and conducted studies on wild birds. I have kept and reared a major collection of alcids and received a contract from the New York Zoological Society to supply the birds for their new aquatic bird house. Even earlier in the mid 1950's I had a unique collection of very hard to keep grouse. My entire vocation and avocation has focused on conservation, through research into wild creatures and the study of native cultures and the interpretation of this knowledge to the public through writing, photography and books. I have written hundreds of articles, several books, produced several films and my current publishing company (Hancock House Publishers) has published many hundreds of other people's books on the above topic. In recent years I have returned to wildlife research and avicultural conservation interests. At present my facilities house birds ranging form cranes, grouse to turacos. I have also started a project studying the Urban Bald Eagles of Greater Vancouver.