Cop in the Closet
Cop in the Closet

Cop in the Closet


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By: Fossum, Jack
ISBN: 0-88839-081-5/9780888390813
Binding: Trade Cloth
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 170
Photos: 56
Illustrations: 16
Publication Date: 1981

PR Highlights: An Insiders look at the grassroots of the RCMP.
PHOTO Highlights: 32 page b/w historical photo section.

Description: An inside look into the life of a Royal Canadian Mountie. The Mounties have a long history and a tradition to be proud of, and every man in the field glories in his knowledge of this inheritance. But he also has to cope with the petty annoyances of Rules and Regs, the hardships of isolated postings, the dangers of confronting armed criminals, the frustrations of having to confiscate liquor and pour all of it out. Every officer has his own secret for survival: Jack Fossum's was a sense of humor. This is an insider's look at the grassroots level of a famous force. Jack Fossum joined the RCMP in the thirties, just in time to act as escort for nude Doukhobors and apply the techniques of riot control against men made desperate by the depression. He performed in the Musical Ride, outwitted moonshiners, stalked arsonists, nervously set up roadblocks to stop killers - and accidentally ended up in the clink himself! Through many of his adventures were hair-raising at the time, he chooses to remember the funny twists, the ironies, and the reader's sympathies are immediately engaged.

Author Biography:

When Jack Fossum retired from the force he went to work first as personnel officer for a private company and later as journalist for various newspapers and magazines. Now that he is officially retired, he is busier than ever with his writing but occasionally takes time out to go fishing from his house on Vancouver Island.