Dead Mans Clothes: the bum camp of Tolt, Washington
Dead Mans Clothes: the bum camp of Tolt, Washington

Dead Mans Clothes: the bum camp of Tolt, Washington


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By: Davidson, Dale
ISBN: 0-88839-608-2
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 144
Photos: 28
Illustrations: 10
Publication Date: 2005

PR Highlights: Anecdotes and cartoon sketches. Now Available!
PHOTO Highlights: 28 b/w photos & 20 cartoon illustrations.

Description: Dead Man's Clothes is a collection of anecdotes from author Dale Davidson about growing up next to railroad tracks and the State of Washington Convalescent Home, known to the locals as "the bum camp". Written in a down-home, conversational style, the book openly depicts the rough and tumble life experienced by so-called "winos" and other less fortunate members of society. But it also shows how kids are able to look beyond those labels imposed by people higher in the social order and see the fascinating characters that exist in all walks of life. Accompanied by numerous charming cartoons, the book also offers sketches of life on a farm in the rural Snoqualmie Valley. By turns entertaining, amusing, ribald and even earnest, this book is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Author Biography:

Dale Davidson was born in 1939 in Washington State. He grew up on a farm in the Snoqualmie Valley and is one of eight children, with three sisters and four brothers.
After working for the phone company and at the family sawmill, he is now retired. He currently lives on Lopez Island with his wife Debra.

Book Reviews:

A bull that charges a moving locomotive, fishing with dynamite, one colorful character after another Dale Davidson is a storyteller who writes with fine humor and a big heart. I read it cover to cover, a memorable Sunday afternoon.

John Sangster, Poet and Essayist

With the narrative voice of the community storyteller, Dale Davidson spins his tales of the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley of his youth. They are tales richly and humorously peopled with the delightful characters of the bum camp he frequented as a boy in his small town. The stories not only delight and entertain, they reconnect us all to our humanity.

Lenedra J. Carroll, author of The Architecture of All Abundance