Descent into Madness: the diary of a killer
Descent into Madness: the diary of a killer
Descent into Madness: the diary of a killer
Descent into Madness: the diary of a killer
Descent into Madness: the diary of a killer
Descent into Madness: the diary of a killer

Descent into Madness: the diary of a killer


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By: Frolick, Vern
ISBN-13: 978-0-88839-026-4  (B&W Ed. 2017)
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 361
Photos: 26
Illustrations: 1
Publication Date: 2017



PR Highlights: The story of a Canadian manhunt for a murderer.
PHOTO Highlights: 16 page color photo section.

Description: The true story unfolds a gripping tale of one of western Canada's greatest wilderness manhunts. The book is based on the incredible diaries of the crazed Michael Oros, and follows his lengthy pursuit by police up to the time he is taken by an RCMP bullet.

The author and Crown Prosecuting Attorney, Vernon Frolick, has written this book from the outlaw's point of view, based on the diary entries made by Michael over his thirteen-year descent into madness. The reader is taken into the mind of one of Canada's most vicious killers and is presented with his thoughts, actions, and reactions as he is tracked by the RCMP throughout northern British Columbia. The book also follows and details the moves and moods of the Mounties as they try to capture the killer. In the end, a misfired bullet by a marksman who never missed an open window of opportunity and the Mounties, complete Michael Oros' descent into madness.


Author Biography

Vernon Frolick was born in 1950 in Toronto and attended the universities of Toronto and Windsor, graduation with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1974. He commenced his practice of law in Kenora as an Assistant Crown Attorney and later worked as a defense lawyer in Toronto. Since 1982, when he moved to Terrace, BC he has worked continuously as a prosecutor.

Book Reviews

By R.C. Currie, Assitant Commissioner, RCMP, Ottawa

"The Oros story is one of the strangest and most compelling stories in RCMP history. Prosecutor Vernon Frolick, has woven the adventure, classical police tactics, and tragedy of this case into a suspenseful thriller."

By Guy R. Lodge on Aug. 19 2008

"I read this once years ago and found myself looking for the places identified in the North parts of B.C. So far I have met some of the people in this book and found many of the places describe including the cabins. This book is very accurate and very real! The author did an amazing job! Here I am years later wanting to read it again!"

By E. Knight on Feb. 4 2010

"This is a very well written non-fiction book. Having lived in the Yukon, not far from where it takes place, it was a book that I really wanted to read. When I first read it, I was shocked at how it "stayed with me" after reading it. I found that it gave me an understanding of how this man slowly descended into the madness that he did...that fact was actually scary to myself, as I have a hard time understanding such type of thinking when you hear of incidents on the news. I would totally recommend this book to anyone. Everyone who has read my copy has the same opinion."

By Roger Smith on March 11 2016

"Good read, have been to the places and seen the cabin he built when hunting out their a few years ago.Have read the book twice and will probable read it again, get more out of it every time i read it."