Dowager Queen: the Hudson's Bay Company SS Beaver
Dowager Queen: the Hudson's Bay Company SS Beaver

Dowager Queen: the Hudson's Bay Company SS Beaver


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By: Bill Hagelund
ISBN: 0-88839-486-1
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 160
Photos: 36
Illustrations: 5
Publication Date: 2003


PR Highlights: Adventures of the Hudson's Bay Company SS Beaver.
PHOTO Highlights: Historical b/w photo section.

Description: Engineering, in it's entire diverse ramifications, was just beginning to be realized as the 1800s unfolded. Men who could grasp its principals and shape its potential to their needs were to become the new giants of commerce. Captain William A. Hagelund is uniquely positioned to write a history of HBC's SS Beaver, the ship that did more than any other to explore and open the rugged BC coast. Over more than half a century the tiny, rugged ship was a familiar sight as she chugged up the BC waters, charting, trading, helping administer justice, carrying freight and generally serving as a lifeline and contact between the many isolated coastal communities and the outside world. In 1986, her exact replica, SS Beaver, was launched with Captain Hagelund as master. From then until he retired in 1995, Captain Hagelund, who first went to sea in 1940, and the new Beaver retraced many of the original's coastal voyages.

Author Biography:

A lifelong lover of the sea, Bill Hagelund had the honor of sailing a replica of the original Beaver for more than ten years. In that time he learned much about the history of this marvelous vessel. You are certain to share his enthusiasm for this ship as you read his passionate account of this piece of history.