Edible Seashore: Pacific shores cookbook and guide
Edible Seashore: Pacific shores cookbook and guide

Edible Seashore: Pacific shores cookbook and guide


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By: Harbo, Rick
ISBN: 0-88839-199-4/9780888391995
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 62
Photos: 64
Illustrations: 2
Publication Date: 1988

PR Highlights: Guide & Cookbook for Edible Western Seashore Items
PHOTO Highlights: 64 descriptive color photos throughout.

Description: Everything you need to know from catching to serving edible seafood found on the Pacific coast. This book of basic recipes by Rick Harbo includes instructions on how to catch each species, how to store it fresh or frozen, how to prepare it, and of course how to cook and serve it. Rick's wife, Heather, has tested the recipes, which leave plenty of scope for you to experiment. This book is intended as a field guide for the harvest and preparation of seafood by boaters, divers, or beachcombers from Alaska to California. Photographs and description are given to identify common edible marine animals and plants in this region. Many tips are given for the collection and preparation of the seafoods, as well as recipes. Guidelines are given for live, fresh, and frozen storage procedures as well as reference to basic herbs and spices to complement finfish and shellfish. Most of the recipes are very simple and basic, to enhance the flavor of the seafood. Be innovative and improvise with what you have available. Many of the recipes are ideal for cooking on a beach or on your boat. Please keep in mind conservation of marinelife. Take only what you can prepare and eat--and enjoy. I have not included many common seashore animals such as snails, limpets, and chitons. Although edible, they require numerous animals for a serving and are usually tough and not very tasty.


Author Biography:

Vancouver-born Rick Harbo graduated in biological sciences from Simon Fraser University and is currently employed as a biologist with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Nanaimo, British Columbia. Rick, who has been diving since 1972, is also an underwater photographer. His dives have taken him through British Columbia, Washington, Nova Scotia, Greece, the Bahamas and Hawaii.