Fish of the Atlantic
Fish of the Atlantic
Fish of the Atlantic
Fish of the Atlantic
Fish of the Atlantic

Fish of the Atlantic


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By: Ricciuti, Ed
ISBN: 0-88839-155-2
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 96
Photos: 0
Illustrations: 90
Publication Date: 1982


PR Highlights: Field guide to Atlantic fishing.
PHOTO Highlights: Accompanying maps & line drawings.

Description: An invaluable field guide to Atlantic fishing. Includes handy charts, and maps based on several government publications. 
This guide to Atlantic coast fishes is an invaluable reference for the fisherman. Assembled from several government publications by author and fishing enthusiast Ed Ricciuti, it provides useful information on 78 fish of the Atlantic in a readily accessible form. In addition to an identification and description of each species, you will find a geographical distribution map for each fish and a handy fisherman's log to record your catches. This guide is a just for the tacklebox. From the toasty beaches of Florida to the rocky, windswept shores of Canada's Maritime Provinces, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean abound with fish in a myriad of varieties. Fishermen along this coast can take advantage of the sport - and provide tasty food for the table - any month of the year. This book, based on United Stated government publications, is a handy guide to the type of fish that range different parts of the coast and the best seasons for catching them. It also provides such important facts as the best bait and lures to use and the habits of the different species. Included here are both inshore and offshore fish, big gamefish and fish taken for the pan, as well as some that are not commonly the targets of anglers but make good fishing for people who know about them. On virtually any part of the Atlantic Coast there are fish that offer as much sport as any in the world. Among them are billfish such as marlin and swordfish, mako sharks & striped bass. We hope that the information in this book will encourage anglers to take advantage of the great natural and recreational resource at their doorstep.