Fishing BC Rivers: big fish and accessible waterways
Fishing BC Rivers: big fish and accessible waterways

Fishing BC Rivers: big fish and accessible waterways


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By: Davies, Gordon
ISBN: 0-88839-531-0
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 224
Photos: 75
Illustrations: 2
Publication Date: 2004



Veteran sport fisher Gordon Davies and his wife Pauline spend every possible moment traveling to rivers in British Columbia. The next best thing to traveling and fishing along with them is owning the latest Gordon Davies book, "Fishing BC Rivers". This immensely readable volume will tell you how to reach the most accessible rivers and how to catch the most accessible fish. It will also help you find the most knowledgeable guides to take you to areas less readily reached by the common angler. A chapter is devoted to each river and its tributaries, followed by a list of the fish that inhabit the river system, along with suggested flies, lures and baits to catch each species. The author of two previous books describing his love for the rivers of British Columbia, Davies now gives the reader the benefit of his many years of experience in "Fishing BC Rivers" the secrets of more than half a century are revealed, along with up-to-date phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites. What more could a river lover want? Anecdotal evidence? Photographs of British Columbia's scenic waterways? A smattering of history and folk wisdom? Look no further, this is the book.

Author Biography

Born in the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Wesminster, BC in June, 1924, Gordon Davies says that an hour after his birth he opened his eyes, glanced out the window at the big Fraser River and said It looks like a person could catch trout and salmon from those sandbars. Today, still drowning worms in rivers from the Yukon Territory to BC, Washington and Oregon, California and western Mexico, this incurable river angler continues to fish, explore, photograph and fall into rivers throughout the west. During his working career, Gordon was a journeyman printing pressman and an owner-manager of a commercial printing shop, and later a journeyman compositor in daily and weekly newspapers. He has also been a freelance angling writer in magazines and newspapers in Canada, and the USA and in three English-language publications in Baja California, Mexico.