Frank L. Beebe the Artist
Frank L. Beebe the Artist
Frank L. Beebe the Artist
Frank L. Beebe the Artist
Frank L. Beebe the Artist
Frank L. Beebe the Artist

Frank L. Beebe the Artist


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By: Shutty, Myron
ISBN: 0-88839-256-7
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 11" X 8.5"
Pages: 96
Photos: 42
Illustrations: 22
Publication Date: 1992


PR Highlights: The Art of one of Canada's Prominent Falconers.
PHOTO Highlights: Color plates & b/w sketches throughout.

Description: A look into the life and times of falconry expert and acclaimed artist Frank L. Beebe.

Hancock House is proud to present the fine and sensitive works of one of Canada's most famous bird artists, Frank Beebe. Here is the story of how young Frank took up drawing while in school, how one teacher reached his inner imagination and sparked his lifelong desire to write. Here are the beginnings of his interest in biology and the chapters in his life where he rode the rails, made his living by drawing, by running a zoo, and by illustrating thousands of plants and animals for British Columbia's provincial museum.

About the Artist

Frank L. Beebe, the falconer, for 40 years has been one of North America's leading falconers. His previous books on the subject are largely responsible for the present status and popularity of this ancient sport. He is not only a leading Peale's and Gyr falcon researcher but has been a pioneer falcon breeder. Probably more falconers and nature lovers have original Beebe paintings than those of any other artist. Few persons have experienced, let alone been able to capture with paint, the intricate working of the predator-prey responses as Frank.


Book Reviews

By Donna E. Nixon April 23, 2014

I'll admit a little bias here. Frank was a cousin of my dad's. Because he lived in Canada, I only learned about his work as an artist a few years ago. The illustrations in this book are amazing. The one detail that the author doesn't mention is that Frank was color blind; which makes the detail in the pictures hard to believe. The colors are so realistic, you almost feel like you can touch the texture in the birds' wings. I think he was an amazing person (a renaissance man in some ways) and I wish I could have met him while he was still living.