Hawking with Golden Eagles
Hawking with Golden Eagles

Hawking with Golden Eagles


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By: Hollinshead, Martin
ISBN: 0-88839-343-1
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 176
Photos: 29
Illustrations: 0
Publication Date: 1995

PR Highlights: The Practice of Hawking with Golden Eagles.
PHOTO Highlights: 16 page b/w & color photo section

Description: The Practice of Hawking with Golden Eagles.

Hawking with Golden Eagles paints a vivid picture of the eagle experience and takes the reader into the skies on a hunt for quarry. Based on practical field experience, this breakthrough book gives a full account of training and hunting procedures, and takes a close look at the quarries a golden eagle can currently be flown to. Full of breathtaking photographs and insightful description, the book is sure to be enjoyed by anyone wishing to explore the eagle's role within falconry throughout the centuries. My purpose in writing this small book is to try to give an insight into hawking with golden eagles. These raptors have frequently been described in less-than-glowing terms and their value as modern day falconry birds questioned. This book will attempt to paint a more positive picture. Naturally, when flown under unsuitable conditions and handled by inexperienced falconers, golden eagles will give a poor account of themselves. But, if trained and flown correctly, these eagles can be employed very effectively by the contemporary falconer and provide him with a unique hawking experience. My own understanding and appreciation of the golden eagle owes little to my early British falconry background. Far more influential have been my central European experiences. I have spent a good deal of time living and hawking on the Continent. There, my involvement with three large falconry center has resulted in me being presented with opportunities seldom afforded the private individual; and, with Germany or Austria serving as a base, I have traveled widely and hunted with golden eagles in many different parts of Europe. In writing this book, I have assumed that those interested in hawking with golden eagles will already have a background of experience with birds such as goshawks, Harris' hawks, or red-tailed hawks. Let me stress that a golden eagle is definitely no bird for a novice falconer. With this in mind, I deemed it unnecessary to cover very basic falconry topics in any detail. Comments on the more rudimentary aspect of the sport have been restricted to where I feel they are truly required. I have written very much with the practicing falconer in mind. However, I have also tried to produce a text that will be found readable and informative by those perhaps not directly involved in practical falconry, but who have an interest in some related topic. It is hoped that this book will be of value to anyone keen to discover just what these magnificent birds are capable of as trained hunting allies.

Author Biography:

Martin Hollinshead has been involved with birds of prey since growing up in Staffordshire, England. Very much a practical falconer, he has flown all of the birds normally associated with ground game, and his first book, Hawking Ground Quarry (1993), dealt with the subject thoroughly. His appreciation of and admiration for these birds shine through his work and make Hawking with Golden Eagles an interesting and entertaining read.