I Believe: children of the universe
I Believe: children of the universe

I Believe: children of the universe


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By: Hagelund, Bill
ISBN: 0-88839-540-X
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 240
Photos: 4
Illustrations: 25
Publication Date: 2003

PR Highlights: Author's view of how humanity came to be
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Description: A look at the history of humankind, how we came to be and what our purpose is on this earth. Humankind has always felt the need to explore - be it looking to space, across continents, deep into the world's oceans or back into our ancient civilizations. And these explorations are accompanied by a quest for greater knowledge about our origins. Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is our purpose? I BELIEVE asks those questions and more as author Bill Hagelund explores the history of our world and shares his ideas and opinions on just how human life fits into the big picture. The author investigates the history of the world from the dinosaurs and Adam and Eve to the crusades of Europe and exploration of the New World through to the wars of the twentieth century, always questioning why and how certain events took place. In looking at our historical past with a critical but compassionate eye, Bill offers readers his beliefs of creation and encourages others to cherish their own beliefs, no matter how they are viewed by others, as these are the convictions that have carried us to this historic point. Only by being critical and testing all unknowns from every conceivable viewpoint, can we hope to reach and honest conclusion about the big questions of life.

Author Biography:

Born in 1924 in North Vancouver, Bill Hagelund began his marine training at age sixteen and came ashore to take up engineering after becoming the father of two sons. Retiring as chief engineer in 1985, Bill returned to the sea for ten more years as master of the SS Beaver. A lifelong learner and avid history buff, this is Bill's seventh book. His other Hancock House titles include Harbour Burning, House of Suds, and The Dowager Queen. When not writing, Bill enjoys prospecting and model engineering.