Guide to Indigenous Artifacts of the Northeast
Guide to Indigenous Artifacts of the Northeast

Guide to Indigenous Artifacts of the Northeast

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By: Roger Moeller
ISBN: 978-0-88839-295-4
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Publication Date: 2019


The Indigenous peoples who once inhabited New England as long as 10,000 years ago left behind many artifacts that are of particular interest to the archaeologist studying early Indigenous culture. A careful examination of the remnants that have been excavated in this region provides an insight into the activities and development of the native inhabitants of North America. Artifacts such as tools and utensils indicate a routine of subsistence pursuits: fishing, hunting, and gathering; food preparation and storage; and tool manufacture. Other articles offer some clues to the nature of the religion and aesthetics of the early Indigenous culture.

In order to achieve a better understanding of prehistoric Indigenous cultures, archaeologists must examine the original documents written by firsthand observers. Early traders, explorers, missionaries, and travelers to North America told of the strange customs of the Native Americans; however, some of their stories were deceptive, self-serving, and, in some instances, total fabrications. Consequently, archaeologists cannot rely solely on written historical records in determining the nature of prehistoric Indigenous cultures. Rather they must use the written material to supplement their excavations.