Monster Hunters DVD
Monster Hunters DVD

Monster Hunters DVD

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ISBN: 74482079768
Size: 7.5" X 5.5"
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Publication Date: 2001

Runtime: 100min

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Description: Ordinary people on an extraordinary mission. 

They rise out of our nightmares and into our world: Monsters, Demons. Since ancient times they've stalked us - the dark dreams of our imaginations. But could they be more, could they actually exist? Around the world, a band of explorers is now searching for real life monsters. Meet six groups of ordinary people - - Monster Hunters on an extraordinary mission: to find out if these strange creatures might be living among us. It's a quest that will take them to the edge of darkness and beyond.


By Theodore A. Cox Jr. - Published on

Because good documentaries on the pursuit of the various cryptozoological creatures are rare it is always good to see one that addresses some familiar denizens as well as some less spoken about creatures.This video focuses in on the people whom have spent a certain portion of their lives pursuing specific cryptozoological creatures and some pertinent findings to date regarding the creatures.A little fact and conjecture equal everything except the actual monsters of their pursuit.


By Mark Schaible - Published on

This production leads the viewer into the very real posibility of Cryptids around the planet. You don't get unrealistic hype, but a very sober look at animals curently unknown to science. Every cryptid has eyewitness acounts laid forward in a very matter of fact way. My favourite segment was the Austrailian "Yowie" (Bigfoot). Some very creepy moments in the retelling of some of these events. Recommended!