Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel
Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel

Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel

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By: James N. Terrance, PhD
ISBN: 978-0-88839-751-5 [Trade Paperback]
ISBN: 978-0-88839-752-2 [ePub]
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 5.5" X 8.5"
Pages: 304
Illustrations/Photos: 63
Publication Date: 05 Dec 2022


Sasquatch Discovered is the biography of Dr. John Bindernagel – Canada’s foremost sasquatch/bigfoot investigator. His intense childhood curiosity about the natural world, with a particular interest in ornithology, led to his involvement as a Junior Naturalist and his teacher dubbing him “the scientist” for his in-class contributions. By high-school, he was practicing good curatorial habits as he collected specimens for the museum he created in the family home.

While in university, he was intrigued by the story of an “ape-man” in British Columbia. During his time in Africa, he became familiar with the great apes and hypothesized the Sasquatch as North America’s great ape. On return to Canada, he chose to live in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, B.C., and closer to the west coast rainforests prime Sasquatch habitat. Here he aimed to study and pursue research on this elusive animal.

John Bindernagel was the author of two seminal books, a popular conference speaker throughout North America, and the Canadian news media “go-to guy” for Sasquatch information. He was beloved by eyewitnesses and amateur investigators alike but largely dismissed by the scientific community. This book is a tribute to an upstanding man who followed his call and his passion at great personal and professional expense. He spent his last years championing the unfolding story of the discovery of the Sasquatch. This is his life’s story.


Author Biography

Dr. Terrance James is a retired educator who taught at elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels. He enjoyed a year in Costa Rica with the International Schools Organization and a short-term in Gaza with a CIDA project. He has a M.Ed in Educational Administration and a PhD. in Educational Psychology. He is also a private practice rehabilitation consultant. He has authored/co-authored three books on Prader-Willi Syndrome, and six books on educational and local history topics.

Terrance and John Bindernagel enjoyed a 25-year friendship during which Terrance vicariously participated in John’s sasquatch research and sympathetically supported his frustration with the scientific community. Terrance James and John BindernagelIt was John’s request that the unfolding story of the discovery of the sasquatch be told. Terrance has honoured that request with his friend’s biography, Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel.

Terrance resides with his wife, Joan, in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, not far from Strathcona Park where John cast sasquatch footprints.


Book Reviews

“A touching biographical tribute to the life of a Canadian scientist and naturalist who struggled to bring his controversial research to the attention of blinkered colleagues in academia. John Bindernagel’s books remain seminal works in the ever-growing fi eld of Sasquatch Studies. Terrance James chronicles the life and work of the man, remembered as much for his kindness and purity of heart as for his desire to rewrite the annals of primatology."

— John Zada, author of In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond: In Search of the Sasquatch.

“Dr. Terrance James has done a remarkable job in providing the life history of Dr. John Bindernagel. Everything is presented in a clear and concise manner. It is surprising how one can know a person for many years and still be unaware of his or her life adventures, glories, and tribulations. Dr. James totally embraced his friend’s story in a way that I have not seen the equal. Dr. Bindernagel and I share a birth year (1941). I was born in April and he in December. What he would personally witness in local and world events, I also witnessed. From Dr. James, we learn of Dr. Bindernagel’s ardent passion for hominology and his firm conviction that sasquatch exists. This, however, is done in such a way that it begs the reader to get out there and do his or her own field research. 

Dr. Bindernagel and I crossed paths several times after 1993 and communicated by email in our research and our writings. He was a very sincere and gentle person and a great credit to the study of hominology. This book is a wonderful testimony to the remarkable life and work of a true scientist."

— Christopher L. Murphy, author of Know the Sasquatch, Bigfoot Film Controversy, Sasquatch in British Columbia and others.

“This book is a fine biography of my late friend, Dr. John Bindernagel, covering his life from childhood, through his years growing up as a curious child, to becoming a respected wildlife biologist. 

Unlike many of his fellow academics, John was never dismissive of an eyewitness who came forward to tell him of something strange they had encountered in the woods. Even when John knew in his heart and mind that he was being lied to, “We can never really learn of the truth, without knowing more about the hoax” — I will never forget those words he once said to me.

This book is a fascinating look into the life of a fine wildlife biologist, a good man, and a good friend whose commonsense approach to an ongoing mystery is greatly missed in a field where common sense is becoming as elusive as the Sasquatch itself."

— Thomas Steenburg, author of In Search of Giants, Sasquatch in Alberta and Sasquatch Bigfoot: the continuing mystery.

"Wildlife biologist Dr. John Bindernagel was many things-an ecologist, an avid birdwatcher, a lover of all wildlife, but he was, most importantly to him, a great husband and father. This biographical look at his life is truly terrific, and it does not delve into his Sasquatch research right away, which is nice. It talks about his work with conservation and ecology in Africa, Iran, South America and other countries. There are comments throughout from his wife and kids about his love of nature and wildlife as well- wonderful remembrances of his passion for wildlife. The Sasquatch research he was involved in gets its own section, and his thoughts are well-documented; his thoughts on the media's role in covering the Sasquatch mystery; eyewitness reports (he always listened to eyewitnesses and valued confidentiality if the eyewitness requested it); his passion for espousing that the Sasquatch has already been discovered, just not acknowledged by mainstream science and his legacy and the importance of having his files in the right hands after his passing. John was a wonderful and genuine human being, and a true inspiration for so many of us, not just for his Sasquatch research, but for how to be a truly wonderful person. This is a great book, not just for Sasquatch researchers, but for biography readers as well. This book gets a perfect 10 out of 10!"

— Henry May, Sasquatch 

"First, it must be noted that the authors of this article hail from process and policy-driven backgrounds, one being an astrophysicist and environmental scientist and the other an elementary school teacher. Given our extensive training in adhering to critical procedures and presenting evidence, we were skeptics, thinking that stories about sasquatch sightings were myths. After reading Sasquatch Discovered, The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel, we were shocked at how close-minded and uneducated we were, falling victim to propaganda in the mass media.

Dr. Bindernagel’s efforts to scientifically study sasquatch, the North American ape species, were challenged by the very institutions he was devoted to. He followed the scientific method with integrity. His life’s work highlighted and called into question the powerful influence that popular culture and the media play in the role of science. Sadly, because of the highly criticized nature of this topic, when encounters with sasquatch do happen, people do not feel safe to report them. Dr. Bindernagel was single-handedly changing this reality. Acting not only as a scientist and researcher, he often became a therapist and friend to eyewitnesses, even decades after their sasquatch meetings. He had the courage to support these witnesses and publicly share their findings.

We feel this biography was not written to prove the existence of sasquatch—the evidence speaks for itself—but to speak to a larger contemporary issue, that we as a society do not question our beliefs often enough. Terance James thoroughly shares Bindernagel's tenacious research journey, igniting empathy in the reader for Bindernagel and his courage. While reading this book, one couldn't help but question how much politics and ego influence the world of scientific research. We had to confront our own beliefs as we read, beliefs both about science as an institution, and about sasquatch. Our views on both, as well as many other topics, have shifted. We have compassion for Dr. Bindernagel as we question whether we would have had the strength to preserve our passionate drive to research against such great odds. Even as we discuss the joyful experience of reading this book, we are faced with a taste of mockery, disbelief, and close-mindedness that continues to shroud the truth.

A must-read for Vancouver Islanders, since the island is the home to many sasquatch sightings, This book will expand your curiosity and awareness as you hike through our vast network of forested trails. Sasquatch Discovered is a great read for anyone who finds joy in the study of the natural world and may spark necessary and meaningful discussions."

— Kerri Scott & Mary Catherine Rolston, Comox Valley Writers Society Discussion & Review Committee CVWS Newsletter, February 2023


Customer Reviews

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Mary May
I like it!

Having known John, I look forward to reading his biography and learning about his Sasquatch discoveries.

Trevor McMonagle, editor. The Right Words Editing
Response to Sasquatch Discovered

I finished the Bindernagel book yesterday. What a great story. It moved along well, and kept the technical clear, while still developing the emotion of the story: the inherent sorrow of a good man on a great mission never seeing the fulfillment of his dreams. Surely, thjis book must be part of that dream.

George Best
Eyes Opened

Although I did not know Dr. Binderhagel, I felt I did by the end of the book. Dr. James captured John's personality and his passions. He expressed well the frustrations of a scientist to his professional community and his kindness and grace to the citizen scientists who needed to know that someone believed them. This biography is a legacy to a man who was a gentleman to the end. An easy, informative, eye opening read.

Larry McMahon
Open Mind

The authors approach to exploring a more open mind to researching the existing evidence is very interesting.

Anthony Loredo
Sasquatch Discovered

I'm reading this gem right now. Exceedingly well written and well edited, just an immense pleasure to delve into the life of this fabled academic and his search for answers to one of life's great and enduring mysteries.