Sasquatch Odyssey- DVD
Sasquatch Odyssey- DVD

Sasquatch Odyssey- DVD

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By: Grover Krantz, Betty Unger, Peter von Puttkamer
ISBN: 4219503154
Size: 7.5" X 5.5"
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Publication Date: 1999

Runtime: 70min

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Description: This humorous film poses fundamental questions about the origins of man, while reveling in the sub-culture which surrounds the Bigfoot mystery. This is the story of the hunt for Bigfoot and the four men who have been searching for the elusive, mythical creature for the last 40 years. Inspired by the discovery of Yeti (abominable snowman) tracks in Nepal in the early 1950's, followed by giant footprints in Northern California in 1958, these young adventurers set out to find an animal which science said didn't exist. Originally working together on the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Expedition of 1960, funded by a Texas oil millionaire named Tom Slick - these four men began a never-ending rivalry and a life-long quest to prove the existence of this creature.



By Skye Evans - Published on

This is by far my favorite Bigfoot documentary of all time. It is about Bigfoot, sure, but centers around the "Four Horsemen" and their quest finding proof of the creature. Rene Dahinden, John Green, Grover Krantz, and Peter Byrne are all interviewed extensively with incredible archival footage of their pursuits, many rare and never seen before, and there's a lot of it! There's an excellent historical overview of popular Bigfoot reports as well. This is a must for anyone interested in the subject, new or veteran, and is worth every penny. It also includes interviews with Robert Pyle, Lapseritis, and even laymen giving their opinions on the subject.

By Patricia A. Whitacre - Published on

An abundance of information collected throughout the years of researching sasquatch. The researchers are filled with character and knowledge. A must for any bigfoot enthusiast. I would like to add, however, watching this documentary and the 4 legendary Bigfoot researchers in action are priceless. Time has taken some of these researchers away and, even though new reseachers are on the up and rise so to speak, remember this....they are building on the big 4's (John Green, Rene Dehinden, Peter Byrne, John Bindernagel) informational research. They were researching when nobody else would listen!!!!!! Grover Krantz as well.