Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides
Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides
Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides
Tribal Bigfoot
Tribal Bigfoot
Tribal Bigfoot
Tribal Bigfoot

Tribal Bigfoot


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By: Paulides, David, Pratt, Harvey
ISBN: 978-0-88839-687-7 (2009 Colour Ed.)
ISBN: 978-0-88839-021-9 (2017 B&W Ed.)
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 480
Photos: 129
Illustrations: 29
Publication Date: 06-Nov-2017


PR Highlights: From the author of The Hoopa Project!

Description: Further research into Middle American bigfoot sightings indicates a strong connection between bigfoot and Native Americans, and witness descriptions show a strong human likeness. The latest research from the author of the groundbreaking The Hoopa Project: Bigfoot Encounters in California named 2008 Bigfoot Book of the Year by Dave Paulides brings his law-enforcement investigative and analytical skills to an expanded area of research: the counties in Northern California that have reported the greatest numbers of bigfoot occurrences, and beyond to Minnesota and Oklahoma. Gaining access to many people who have never discussed their bigfoot experiences publicly before now, the author obtains intriguing details that broaden our perception of the elusive creature; and his subsequent analysis leads to the discovery of a strong and consistent link between bigfoot and the Native American community. The expert interview and artistic skills of forensic artist Harvey Pratt help to define the creatures described by the witnesses - - once again with astonishing and illuminating results. The presentation of startling new forensic evidence indicates that there truly is an as-yet-unidentified primate living in the wilds of North America, and the author hints at new data on the horizon that will finally provide the tantalizing truth about the existence of bigfoot in North America.


Author Biography

Dave Paulides holds two degrees from the University of San Francisco, and has a professional background that includes twenty years in law enforcement and senior executive positions in the technology sector. A boyhood camping experience with his father in the late 1960s sparked his interest in Bigfoot. In 2004 he formed North America Bigfoot Search where his investigative and analytical experience were invaluable in researching Bigfoot sightings. He spent two years living among the Hoopa tribal members, listening to and recording their Bigfoot stories. The Hoopa Project is his first book, based upon his experiences in the Bluff Creek area of Northern California. Harvey Pratt was educated at the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During his forty-year career in law enforcement he was involved in many high-profile investigations, including the Green River killer, BTK killer, Ted Bundy, the I-5 killer, and the Murrah Federal Building bombing. Harvey is a highly skilled forensic sketch artist specializing in witness descriptive drawing, skull tracing, age progression, soft tissue reconstruction, and photo restoration. Harvey is a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes and is recognized as one of the traditional Cheyenne Peace Chiefs.


Book Reviews


In his book, 'Tribal Bigfoot,' Dave Paulides switches the light on to a subject that has too long been in the dark. With an emphasis on Native American connections to the Sasquatch, Paulides brings back the art of the eyewitness interview that has, for so long, been neglected in favor of scientific testimonials that confuse the reader with the complex jargon. This book contains no fuzzy photos, but instead contains the rendered images of Harvey Pratt, a renowned forensic artist...who rendered them from the two greatest cameras ever built, the human eye and mind. The combined talents of Paulides and Pratt result in the captured events in the lives of so many eyewitnesses that an understanding of this complex subject develops that is compelling. Paulides is a prodigious note taker that rarely misses a thing in the huge amount of footwork that he has done for this work. The reader can actually accompany Paulides to the many and varied places that he has traveled and feel that the experience is theirs as well. All the testimony is accompanied by legal documents that are signed by the eyewitnesses themselves, and all sketches and artwork are signed off...that they are accurate representations of what was seen.
This is a work that I am especially appreciative of because it has not filtered through the bad versions of the Patterson-Gimlin film, but stands alone on its own merit. I encourage anyone that is interested in the subject to, by all means, get themselves a copy of 'Tribal Bigfoot' by Dave Paulides. This book will illuminate the dark places on this subject matter and make the whole subject more easily understandable.

M.K. Davis
August 2009



Review by Bobbie Short
June 23, 2009

I am into a new book titled 'Tribal Bigfoot' by Dave Paulides and Harvey Pratt.

I haven't quite finished it because I keep going back over previously read pages to more deeply absorb something NEW that I didn't know from their previous work, 'The Hoopa Project.' In fact, this reading has caused me to pick up the 'Hoopa Project' twice to reread and make visual comparisons with some of the images that have crossed my desk over a 24-year period of time. With only one exception, Harvey Pratt's images are a startling reminder of my own experiences, but also I see a consistency in his facial reconstructions that mirror many of the descriptions by my informants, especially details heretofore given little attention. It is an absolute thrill to finally see the human aspect in print. The book is definitely a positive foot forward for research. Good grief what a fascinating read. If you think for one minute that there is nothing to be gained by reading their second book, think again; the ground these two men and the NABS team have covered certainly demonstrates exceptional investigative skills, an art form few in research have been trained in, least of all me, and certainly above and beyond those skills I've seen demonstrated by individuals schooled in the anthropological disciplines. Paulides's approach is new, he's thorough, innovative and best of all he's objective; the man knows his craft. This read is exciting and it's been a long time coming. Too much time and focus has been leveled in the quest for points found in track-ways and Sasquatch footprints that lends little to a significant push forward in research. This book, on the other hand, continues the author's move to place a wider focus on our Native American friends, their findings and what their oral historic teachings have brought to the table. How many times in this reading have I stopped and said to myself, 'the Native Americans and the First Nation Canadians I've interviewed have been (apparently) right all along; my God, the hours and dollars invested that have been wasted chasing deadends by the ape theorists!!' For the better part of 24 years I've stood alone in my assessment that what I have seen is human and how many times have I proclaimed that if a Sasquatch walked into my trauma unit, I would fully expect to give it all modern medicine allows, not veterinary medicine. We are not dealing with a dumb ape. For me, these two books were a long time coming and I am absorbing Paulides's new material like a sponge. Pratt's ability to capture the fundamental nature of the forms their witnesses have given him in his images is breath-taking and often a cause for reflection. Paulides's investigative techniques I have not seen since Jim Hewkin, Jack Sullivan and Joel Hardin exited the Bigfoot arena; his ability for presenting his work in readable form is of course, an additional gift. People, 'Tribal Bigfoot' is a brilliant work; I stand applauding this new release, which has literally knocked my socks off. It is just the breath of fresh air needed in research. 

Let me encourage you to read this one!
Bobbie Short


Review by Henry May
July 3, 2009

We have all heard how a movie sequel is usually better than the original. 'The Empire Strikes Back,' 'Godfather II,' 'Transformers II.' Well, in books, sometimes a sequel comes along that blows its predecessor away; that has happened with the new book 'Tribal Bigfoot.' Those who read David's excellent original book last year (the Bigfoot Book of the Year 2008, ['The Hoopa Project']) know that there was a good deal of reports from the Hoopa reservation in Northwest California. For Tribal, David revisits the NW part of the Golden State, by going to Del Norte, Siskiyou, Humboldt and Trinity Counties to investigate more reports that have been investigated by him and his team. He also revisits Hoopa by asking the witnesses who did not have sketches done for Project to have the sketches made by Harvey Pratt the famed forensic artist, which they are. But Paulides goes beyond NW California in this book; he also travels to the Sooner State of Oklahoma to interview eyewitnesses, as well as to The Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota. Not only are there witnesses interviewed and sketches drawn of eyewitness accounts, but Paulides also comes to some startling conclusions as to the true nature of the Sasquatch, via DNA tests and just talking to the eyewitnesses and hearing their descriptions. The DNA tests yield some very surprising results, and Dave follows the evidence as he sees it to its conclusions - that Bigfoot is truly more human than ape, and that they have a language, according to reports he has investigated of witnesses hearing what sounds like Native American language coming from the woods, and also hearing from Native American elders that if a Native American speaks to a Sasquatch in their native tongue, the Sasquatch will understand it. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, and give it not 5, not 6, not even 9, but 10 stars!!!!!! Well-done, Dave and Harvey!!!!!!

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David Paulides

Anything from David Paulides is great.
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Interesting reading!

I enjoyed reading this book. An eye opener! David Paulides really does great research to educate people on this topic.

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