Who's Watching You? An exploration of the bigfoot phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest
Who's Watching You? An exploration of the bigfoot phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest
Who's Watching You? An exploration of the bigfoot phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest
Who's Watching You? An exploration of the bigfoot phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest

Who's Watching You? An exploration of the bigfoot phenomenon in the Pacific Northwest


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By: Coil-Suchy, Linda
ISBN: 978-0-88839-664-8
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 5.5"
Pages: 408
Photos: 124
Illustrations: 28
Publication Date: 2009


PR Highlights: First-hand eyewitness reports on BF sightings
PHOTO Highlights: Over 150 photos & illustrations, 2 maps

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Description: This book is a legend in itself. Thousands of people came forward with their input. Over 70 detailed & credible (never before told) eyewitness reports. Fourteen exclusive interviews by the top researchers & scientists, answering your most requested questions. This is no 'ordinary' book on the Bigfoot issue, far from it. Linda Coil-Suchy has reached out to over 8,000 people and obtained many first-hand eyewitness reports on Bigfoot sightings/incidents together with questions about the creature that people, in general, would like to see addressed. She has presented the best (most detailed, and most credible) reports verbatim. Most have not been published before in any media. She obtained answers to the questions in the form of interviews with the major scientists and high-profile researchers currently involved in the Bigfoot arena. This is the first time an extensive cross-section of interviews of this nature has been published under one cover.

Linda's highly innovative approach to the subject is augmented with historical Bigfoot accounts (the 'Classics') and other accounts on record. A special color section showing photographs of some of the best evidence collected to date is also featured. For travelers, an illustrated guide to Bigfoot attractions in the West is a welcome addition.

The depth and scope of Linda's research make this work a valuable resource for those interested in Bigfoot studies, and a fascinating adventure for those with a flair for the unexplained, indeed, our vast forests will take on a whole new meaning.

Author Biography

I first became interested in bigfoot when as a young girl my grandmother told me of visits by the creature to her home (and extensive vegetable garden) in Bellingham, Washington. (I provide full details of this experience in the first chapter.) From that point on, my fascination for the creature continued, and I began to read and collect everything I could find on the subject. I have been interviewing and documenting eyewitness accounts for many years now, and the more I inquired, the more I opened doors for people to relate their own personal experiences. In 2003, I sat down to write my Gram’s story for my grandchildren. While writing of her experiences, I felt an urge to expand beyond just this account and started to contemplate a book on the bigfoot subject.

As I turned things over in my mind, the thought occurred to me that I should find out what people, in general, might want to see in such a book. I, therefore, put out a call over the Internet specifically asking people this question. In other words, what burning questions
would they like to have answered? I also invited those who have had bigfoot-related experiences to please come forward and tell me about them. The response was astounding—over 8,000 people replied with comments, questions, and hundreds of eyewitness accounts, some of which were highly intriguing, and these I added to my special collection for possible publication. I then approached various professionals and seasoned researchers with the aim of getting answers to the questions people had asked. Here again, the response was excellent; it totally exceeded my expectations. I prepared and sent out interviews to which I received highly detailed and in-depth replies that fully addressed every issue. To round off what I now saw as a highly comprehensive discussion on the subject, I researched and included the “classics” in bigfoot history, together with many other stories on record with the International Bigfoot Society and other sources. As I progressed, I recognized a need to document some of the sasquatch/bigfoot attractions in the west for the benefit of travelers who might wish to experience a little of the bigfoot phenomenon firsthand. To this end, I researched and provided profiles on many attractions, including full directions, where necessary, on how to find them. During this time, I contacted Chris Murphy as to information on bigfoot/sasquatch attractions. This led to sending my book manuscript to Hancock House Publishers and Chris, who voluntarily reviews books of this nature for Hancock. Chris said that my work had good publishing possibilities, and then agreed to provide consultation and editing, along with providing (or arranging to provide) many more images. Chris recommended the work for publishing by Hancock House. That, dear reader, is how this work came to be, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and working with the many wonderful people in the “bigfoot fraternity.”

Book Reviews

By Gene Baade

Most of us will never see a Sasquatch no matter how much we want to and try. Therefore, we must meet them vicariously through the eyes of those who have. In this reviewer's opinion, among the many eyewitness books that relate sightings and encounters, Suchy's volume deserves a prominent place. The book has seven chapters, and the one that stands out is the author's grouping of 69 modern encounters (1947-2006), almost all of them visual. They are of consistently high interest. Witnesses, almost entirely from Northern California, Oregon, and Washington, provided reports directly to Suchy, many of which dated back to their childhood and adolescence. The names (or initials) and the wide variety of vocations of these witnesses are provided, along with encounter locations and the month or season, and year. Another chapter shares, in brief form, 57 previously published, but often obscure, reports. Yet another chapter prints Suchy's interviews with 14 recognizable researchers and investigators of the 'Bigfoot Phenomenon.' We thought her questions were well conceived and the answers brief, to the point and informative. The interviews were done in 2008, and thus pre-dated certain events or theories that appeared a short time later. This reviewer finds it personally intriguing how some answers may have changed in the course of only five years since the interview. The author has an early chapter relating 17 'classic' accounts. Some are necessarily, but unfortunately, abridged. Others are complete. A handful were unknown and, therefore, fresh to this reviewer. I was surprised that the compiler considered some of them 'classics.' Chapters titled, 'Things to know' (signs, odor, ordinances, paranormal aspects, etc.) and 'Stomping Grounds' (historic sites both natural and man-made) may be of interest. Suchy's lead chapter, 'Gram's Sasquatch Story', is the hook that grabs the reader's attention through the shared experience of her own grandmother. A sixteen-page color photo section, followed by a group of black and white photos is helpful, if familiar to most of us. The bibliography is quite brief. Christopher Murphy provided an Afterword. This reviewer believes this volume can be appreciated and enjoyed by both seasoned and novice students of 'the Bigfoot Phenomenon.' It opened his eyes much wider to see, and perhaps to watch. However, who is watching whom?