Fishing the Canadian Rockies 1st Edition Joey Ambrossi
Fishing the Canadian Rockies 1st Edition Joey Ambrossi
Fishing the Canadian Rockies (1st Edition 2001): an angler's guide to every lake, river and stream

Fishing the Canadian Rockies (1st Edition 2001): an angler's guide to every lake, river and stream

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By: Joey Ambrosi
ISBN: 978-0-88839-900-7 [trade paperback]
ISBN: 978-0-88839-424-8 [ebook]
Binding: Trade Paper
Size: 8.5" X 11"
Pages: 240
Maps: 100
Illustrations/Photos: 520
Publication Date: 2001 [Original]
Publication Date: 2019 [Reprint & Epub]


Sample Chapter

Fishing the Canadian Rockies is a comprehensive guidebook to the lakes, rivers, and streams of the Canadian Rockies. The area covered by Fishing the Canadian Rockies extends from the Canada-U.S. border in the south, through Jasper and Mt. Robson Parks in the north, and covers both the Alberta and British Columbia sides of the Continental Divide. Detailed descriptions of over 1200 lakes and rivers are included, plus 520 black and white photographs and 100 maps.

Author Biography

Joey Ambrosi (B.A., M.A., M.Des.) still enjoys life in the Canadian Rockies. Fishing and hiking continue to be his particular passions, although the hikes tend to be shorter and shorter. He has hiked over 22,000 kilometres in the Rockies and has personally visited and fished the vast majority of waters in this book. When not fishing, travel with his family is a favourite activity and he has been to many countries all around the globe. He has previously authored six books: Hiking Alberta’s Southwest, Fly Fishing the Canadian Rockies, The Courthouse, Hiking the Southern Rockies, Fishing the Canadian Rockies, and Southern Rockies Trail Guide. The author currently lives in Crowsnest Pass in the southern Rockies with his wife, Valerie.

Book Reviews

Fly fishing guru tells all in book

Garry Allison, Outdoors Writer, Lethbridge Herald

June 17, 2001

"Joey Ambrosi of Blairmore has put more than 35 years of fly fishing experience into his latest book, Fishing the Canadian Rockies. The 240-page book covers every conceivable spot to fish in the Rockies - 1,200 to be exact - complete with maps, photos and just about everything you need to know about the lake or stream he's describing. 

I find the short text, which gives you a wealth of information, the maps, and the first-hand knowledge of the area to be the appeal of this book. Rather than a reading book, it becomes a reference guide to fishing success...or at least fishing pleasure.

I think Ambrosi's book should be in every angler's library, or even in the camper for quick reference, or ready during non-fishing lulls in your trip."


New book for mountain-loving anglers

Steven Kenworthy, Staff Writer, The Boundary

June 6, 2001

"A comprehensive guide to fishing in Waterton and other areas of the Canadian Rockies recently hit the bookstands as Joey Ambrosi has released his latest effort: "Fishing the Canadian Rockies". With 100 different maps that describe over 1,200 lakes and rivers throughout an area which stretches from Waterton in the south to Jasper in the north, the book is all-encompassing, covering every bit of fishable water of consequence.

What sets Ambrosi's book apart from others in the same field is the scope and detail he goes for in each area. Covering every river, stream and lake on both the Alberta and B.C. sides of the Rockies made for a huge undertaking, and the size of the book - 240-pages - is an indication of the lengths Ambrosi has gone to give an accurate run-down of all the areas. The areas the book covers is broken down into regions and sub-regions which let anglers zero in on a certain area to get the low-down on what the fishing is like not only at the lake or river they are heading to, but at surrounding lakes and rivers as well."



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